Minggu, 19 September 2010

Bengawan Solo Coffee

Bengawan Solo Coffee located in Galeria Mall (Basement floor), Jl. Colombo Sagan and Ruko Pandega Permai (Ringroad Utara). Bengawan Solo Coffee has the good taste, i think! If you want to enjoy the drink while talking, i recommend you to go to Ruko Pandega Permai, excatly right next Inul Vista Karaoke, more comfortable place. When i'm going here, i always order my favorite beverage is Cookies n Cream, special for you who like chocolate flavor, it is a good combination of chocolate, milk, cookies and cream. But yesterdey i was trying Brendy Mocca and Brendy Cookies, but i think this is also good, of course special for you that like rhum flavor.. For the price, start from Rp. 10.000 - Rp. 26.000.



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