Selasa, 07 September 2010

Roemah Oma

Located Roemah Oma on Jl. Melati Wetan no. 13, Baciro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, excatly right in front of Polsek Gondokusuman. Roemah Oma also provide guest house and reflexiology. Feel as home at Roemah Oma Guest House and located downtown. I like Banana Pancake, it is three slice pancake with banana in the midlle served with ice cream and fresh fruit, then Pasta Oma, and Snapper Tartar, it is snapper flour fried served with potato wedges and tartar sauce. Then for beverages, i like Fruit Punch very much. For the price of Roemah Oma Cafe start from Rp. 5.000 - Rp. 14.000 for drinks and Rp. 12.000 - Rp. 36.000 for foods. Open daily 5 pm - 11 pm.

Buka puasa bersama at Roemah Oma

Hot Cappuccino

Shirly Temple

Fruit Punch

Banana Pancake

Snapper Tartar

Gindara Fish

Sirloin Steak

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