Selasa, 21 September 2010

Dim Sum at Parsley

Located Parsley on Jl. Laksada Adi Sucipto no. 29, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Parsley is bakery shop and restaurant. Then i went to restaurant on 2nd floor, Parsley offer Chinese Food. Actually the special menu of Parsley's Restaurant is a Bebek Peking, but i tried Dim Sum. Mmm.. This dimsum better than dimsum at Quality Hotel, i think. All dimsum which i tried has a good taste, except Bak Pao because Bak Pao at Silla Restaurant a lot better and my favorite here is Cumi Rambutan, Lumpia Ayam dan Mangtau. Its place also comfortable. For the price of dimsum start from Rp. 9.800 - Rp. 19. 900. Open daily Monday-Friday 07.30 am - 10.00 pm, and Saturday - Sunday 07.00 am - 10. 00 pm.

Bak Pao Ayam
(Steamed bun with chicken and vegetables)

Bak Pao Durian
(Steamed stuffed bun with durian jam)

(Steamed prawn dumpling)

Tim Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam
(Steamed chicken feet with black pepper sauce)

Pangsit Udang Mayones
(Deep fried prawn dumpling with mayones)

Cumi Rambutan
(Deep fried minced prawn and squid dumpling)

Siew Mai Telur Puyuh
(Steamed quails egg dumpling)

Siew Mai Ayam Jamur
(Steamed chicken, mushroom, and prawn dumpling)

Puding Mangga

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